God uses our experiences and journey to take us to the next step 

Our journey begins as an infant — we do not select our parents — they are given to us

Through our childhood years, we begin with trust, which turns to friendship, which turns to love

When one of these is missed, we begin to fear, withdraw and feel unworthy

The same is true of our journey in life —

We begin with dreams, often big dreams, complete higher education or a trade/training school

We scout around for the job or position we think is the best

The day comes when we wonder, what is my dream, what have I done with my education/training

This causes us to look back — through journals, memories, and friendships

The day comes when we are pulled — longing for — challenged to change

Often this day comes with questions, Have I failed?  Did I miss something?

Ah, no … the realization comes that No, this is all a part of the journey of discovery —

Discovery of who I am — who I want to be — and who I will be in the days ahead

Back to the beginning — an infant — childhood — dreams

Life doesn’t stop — it’s a journey — discovering each day what is for me

The Next Step
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