When we go through life, there are situations that seem to repeat themselves over and again. In this season of Transition, I am once again, letting go to a new level.

My testimony of HOPE begins in June, when I felt God’s hand leading me to step down from a full-time position and move forward in coaching. I was confident God was telling me “my family was going to need my attention.” Thanksgiving weekend through New Year’s Day, my parents spent several days in the hospital. Come January, one of my son’s needs have increased, to the point of me being with him. I am very blessed with family we can stay with; I am blessed to have started my coaching business and have been able to spend time working on the behind scenes areas of my business, promotion and connecting via webcams and teleconferencing with my current clients.

My HOPE through Transition in this blog, is that Letting Go, and letting God lead is not always clear at the beginning, it is not always the road you’d like to travel, but it is the road that brings peace, growth and HOPE through Transition.

May you find HOPE as your Transition in the what the journey has for you.

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May you find HOPE through Transition!

Life Coach Katy Nelson CPLC, ACC, GMC katynelsoncoaching.net

HOPE in the Transition of Letting Go
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