The day begins like any ordinary day; scheduled meetings, calls and emails. We run our errands, connect with a friend for coffee and throw in a load of laundry. Then, the phone call comes, I turn off the stove and head out the door. A crisis has come!   

Today our days are bit unstructured; we have consistent interruptions and the decisions we are making are not decisions we thought we’d be having to make. Unprecedented times.   

When we look around, we see people with questions on their faces, we see people looking for a way to return to what life was like just 6 months ago and we see people hurting, lonely and scared.   

All or some of these situations may seem common to you in recent days. No matter where you are in your day, we know there is uncertainty around us. How do we combat it? How do we find purpose in our lives when so much around us is uncertain? How do we reach out and touch one who is hurting, lonely or scared, when we are told, “stay safe” “keep six feet apart and more.   

Are you finding yourself, a bit short on patience? Eating a bit out of control or having dessert every night? A bit agitated if the order that was placed takes a bit longer than expected or the trip you were planning has been postponed or canceled?   

What is the purpose? Where are we going? How can we move forward when we really don’t understand what is happening around us? When will life seem normal again?   

Why? Why? Why?   

You are not alone in asking these questions; in feeling this way.   

I want you to know there can be HOPE found when things seem hopeless. My goal is to support and encourage you to look beyond your circumstances and the immediate situation, to what could be. We are all in a state of transition, we may not know the full plan or direction, but we are all looking for HOPE as we Transition through days of uncertainty.   

Just as we don’t know all the details, I invite you to look at one who does, God our Creator. How can we call God, our Creator? In Genesis 1:27 we read, “So God created mankind in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”   

We are all creators — made in the image of God.  We create with pottery, coloring images, construction, decorating, homemaking and many other media. As creators, we know our project intimately. We know where the cracks are; where we have gone over a line on our paper or canvas; where we have allowed a bump in our decorating or homemaking. With all the imperfections, we still love our creation and we hope others will too.   

On the days we set out to create, what is our purpose? I hope you respond, “to enjoy” and to open the hearts of others with a smile and give them a piece of enjoyment.    

God enjoys His creation, His people, male and female and God has a purpose for His creation, let’s continue to explore the Purpose of Today’s Season…   

In the Old Testament of the Bible, we learn in Exodus of Moses who is called to save the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Moses was the leader; because of a misstep (sin), he was able to look into the Promised Land but was not allowed to enter the land of milk and honey. Joshua, one of the 10 spies sent in to check out the Promised Land, was appointed to lead the group into the land of milk and honey.   

As Joshua was preparing to go, God gave him the instructions to obey every Word of the Lord with a promise, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”. (Joshua 1:9)    

Let’s look at this promise:  

Who has commanded Joshua? God.  

How is Joshua to go? With confidence; with boldness!  

Will there be trouble?  Yes, people will come against you.  

Will you walk alone?  No, we will not walk alone, ever!  

Wow! I ask you, is there any earthly leader that you can say will lead in such a confident, sure way? Do you know any human who can be with you wherever you go?   

The goal of this blog is to help you see the Purpose of Today’s Season in your Life. Who are you following? Where is God on your journey? Are you looking for HOPE through Transition? Are you looking for a leader who can give you the confidence to Live Forward with Boldness? A leader who will be with you in times of trouble; when discouragement sets in? One who promises to go with you wherever you go?   

Today, I encourage you, I invite you to follow the link: to read Joshua’s first day as a leader over the Israelites as they prepared to enter the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk and honey. I encourage you to read Joshua Chapter 1 when you are able to dwell in it; ask questions seeking God’s intentions for this scripture on your life. Give yourself time to seek God, to listen for His voice and allow God to speak to your heart.  

Do agree and believe God is your Creator?   

What has God, your Creator given you to overcome the battles of unknown days? 

How does God, your Creator tell you to go into places you have not been or seen before? 

Will you accept the promise that God will be with you wherever you go?  

We may not understand or know where God is taking us, the why of today, but without a shadow of a doubt, I encourage you to Trust God. You can follow Him with courage and boldness. You can and will enter places you have never been and circumstances you’ve never seen before. Will you accept the challenge of the promise, “For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9b 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am praying for you to step out with courage, with boldness. To obey God’s Word and Live Forward in the way He is calling you. May you have the confidence to believe and go in the knowledge that God will go with you, wherever you go!  

Katy Nelson, CPLC, ACC, GMC, LLC, LLC is about helping women find HOPE through Transition in our Life Stages. If you are looking at life and wondering, what has happened, there should be more to this life or feeling a bit off-balance as you are entering a new season of life, I encourage you to check out I would enjoy hearing from you!  

Identifying the Purpose of Today’s Season in your Life
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