HOPE through Transition. There is not one of us right now that is not in transition!  


Life is about change, transitioning and living forward! We all love to plan and prepare for tomorrow, yet tomorrow is not promised to us.  


We think we have control over our schedule, our plans and even some of us feel it is possible to control our environment. We are quickly discovering that we have control over very little.  


What we can control; our ATTITUDE! When we look at what is happening around us as it is to me as well, our attitude is self-centered, often spirals out of control and we become frustrated, hurt and angry. We have the choice to let our attitude be bigger and look beyond ourselves. We can begin to ask, “How can I help in the situation”? We can ask our ourselves, “What can I learn in this situation”? We can respond with deciding to reach out and help or serve another; maybe someone who is more impacted by the situation or circumstance than we are.  


Having HOPE through Transition is possible no matter what has caused the situation. In Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 8, we read there is a time for everything. Verse 11a of the same chapter tells us “He [God] has made everything beautiful in its time.” It is in our control to discover how the situation or circumstance is to be beautiful in our life. What can we do to bring beauty to hurt, pain and anger?  


It is our choice to carry the burden of hurt, pain and anger. It is also our choice to learn to forgive, move forward and let go of the one or thing that has caused us the hurt, to feel the pain or be angry at the situation.  


Truly, when we decide to forgive, to not carry the hurt, pain or anger any longer, our muscles begin to relax, our mind finds peace and our blood pressure goes down. These are physiological happenings within our bodies. On the outside, our face lines begin to soften, our motions become less tense and our eyes begin to have a smile once again. There is HOPE through Transition.  


When we begin to seek the forgiveness of another, we find that our whole body responds in a new way. The situation is no longer the forefront of our decision making. The situation is no longer holding us back. Living in HOPE through Transition of the situation takes on a whole new meaning as we begin to Live Forward.  


Through the Transition, we begin to find that we can eat with more joy and we can once again find satisfaction in our daily job. This is truly a gift from God. (see Ecclesiastes 3:13). Matthew 11:28 tells us, that Jesus calls us to “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Only when we “rest in Jesus” will we experience full HOPE through Transition.  


It is this HOPE that gives us peace that is beyond our understanding. The peace that truly drives us to let go of our desired control; that opens the pathway for us to let go of our hurt, pain and anger. Through looking beyond ourselves, our situation or circumstances, by sharing what we have and can do with others and finding a new peace in our daily work and life, we find true HOPE through Transition.  


Life Coach Katy Nelson, CPLC, GMC, ACC 



Born for a Time Such As This
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