This month we are celebrating some big wins in our family. My husband’s retirement, our eldest granddaughter’s graduation from high school and my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Celebrating the seasons of life! 

Why celebrate? These are everyday occurrences in the journey of life.  Together we build relationships. We encourage our kids daily to put in the time for schooling and to get a good education. We look forward to the day we have worked the hours and the time to retire. These are everyday actions we take, so why celebrate?

We celebrate because not one of these accomplishments happened without hard work, driven by intentional focus and purpose. Each of these accomplishments took determination, strength, and often a courage with boldness to complete. Life did not always go as expected for any of these individuals. They each have overcome difficult situations; at times standing alone, making a difference because they wanted something more than another. Each one, chose each day, to keep working toward the goal they set for themself. Yes, their individual goal made a difference to another, but first the goal had to be their dream alone. 

Our individual dreams set us apart from the mainstream.  Doing so by completing the steps necessary to bring the dream to life. In the ordinary days of life we each make individual decisions that affect our future, which will in the end make a difference in our inner circle, rippling out to affect the long-term, and eventually leaving a legacy. The first step maybe graduation, the second step, may include a life-long relationship with the hopeful result of entering the senior season of life when we may enjoy a season of retirement, rest, and relaxation.

Life is a circle! We celebrate because the circle has points of completion. We round the corner with a conclusion yet we keep our eye on the next goal. Life is ordinary! 

Celebrations bring hope! Hope gives us the courage and strength to keep going, keep looking forward with determination to keep putting one foot in front of the other, making the best possible decision for the moment! 

We celebrate because we made it! Congratulations Espe, Scott, Mom, and Dad! You are examples of winning in ordinary life! Not always as you expected, but you preserved with HOPE, taking the difficult times in stride, making the best of the ordinary, and this month we celebrate your achievement!


Life is a journey. We are designed to walk our journey with others, building relationships. Are you walking alone? Are you looking for encouragement along your journey? Walking With Women is about building healthy relationships with other women like you. KatyNelsonCoaching is about exploring your dreams with encouragement to experience HOPE through Transition in the seasons of life. 


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Winning in Ordinary Life!
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