Twist and Turns
The journey continues …

Along the road we have TWISTS and TURNS … the blessings come when we see the greatness of God’s love and care in the midst.

Most recently my twists and turns include a held up tax return, more time in ministry than compensation and a new relationship. My usual way is to “make” things happen. My natural tendency is to “push” things into action. What I have learned over the last few years is the BEST​way… is to allow GOD’S way since his timing is always PERFECT! Can I get an AMEN?

As I have waited and not pushed, the result has been a true blessing — the tax return was deposited in my account with even more funds than expected, the ministry compensation is not as I imagined but far greater, and the new relationship is an honest, open relationship with peace as never before discovered. God’s way is far greater than mine.

Psalm 37:3-5 (NEV)

3Trust ​in the Lord and do what is right!
Settle in the land and maintain your integrity!

4Then you will take delight in the Lord,
and he will answer your prayers.

5Commit your future to the Lord!
Trust in him, and he will act on your behalf.

I have seen God work in amazing ways as I have learned to stay still, wait for his perfect timing and look to him before any decisions are made. God truly is our Father, our Creator and the One who gives good gifts along the journey. Gifts that are beyond our greatest imagination!

May you discover the blessing in resting in God’s peace along your daily journey!

Twists and Turns
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