I love spring! We get to come out of the cold of winter, but I must admit, this year I learned to enjoy snowshoeing! It was lots of fun! Be sure to check out the picture gallery below.

This year we have been looking at the seasons of nature, comparing them with our seasons of life. We have journeyed through winter and now spring blooms on March 21st! Wow! Yep, we have come a year through our quarantine and schools being closed, opening through various stages, and now, spring! Yah! I think we can all smile a bit, knowing we are going forward, the sun will begin to warm our cold homes and bodies — so many coming through very cold freezes and mounds of snow. My prayers go out to you.

So March comes and with it new life! Spring brings baby chicks, bunnies, and the chirp of birds. The days get longer, the sun begins to warm us and the daffodils and crocuses pop their heads up through the dirt. The sounds and look of new life! 

Spring in our lives brings the HOPE of Transition in our seasons of life: Graduates begin to look at graduating, weddings, new moms/dads are expecting their new bundle of joy, and many senior adults take on a new season with plans of retirement in time for summer! Yes, new life is a transition many take in the spring! 

But, if you aren’t feeling it, you are not alone! 

Are you feeling “stuck”; you would like a “restart”; or you “just need help”?  These are all words I have heard of in the last couple of weeks. Life Coach Katy would love to hear from you! KatyNelsonCoaching.net, LLC. offers individual coaching packages, or grab a friend and be coached in group sessions.  Does saving money and having a friend or group to bounce ideas off sound appealing?  Check out our coaching packages and monthly specials today!

Our Transformation Workshops continue with:  Women of the Cross. Yes!!! New Life is coming as we prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ! You are invited to join us as we take the journey with the Women of the Cross — 6 weeks of looking at how Jesus was preparing for the day at the cross from the day of His birth! We will look at how the predictions of His birth, the gifts of the Magi, the women who followed him, the anointing of his feet at a dinner party, and those who cared for his needs, stayed with him through the day of his crucifixion. Join us for the Women of the Cross Transformation Workshop, beginning March 1st!  Connect with us here.

Continue with us as we CELEBRATE His Resurrection in April.  We will be looking at the Women of the Resurrection live on Facebook!

New Life this spring! What are your hopes, dreams, and thoughts? Connect with Katy here and let’s start to connect the dots with goal setting to begin to #LiveForward in 2021! 

Thank you for reading our blog, checking out our information, and supporting KatyNelsonCoaching.net, LLC in 2021. 

We hope to hear from you soon,

Life Coach Katy 

Spring Brings New Life
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