We are celebrating New Life in the month of March! What is new with Walking With Women in 2021?

Prior to 2021, we had “taken to the road” monthly but now we are blogging and podcasting! It is so fun to share our stories with you! 

Our Road Trippin’ events are growing, women are getting to know one another and the friendships we are forming are forever friends! 


Let’s get real here for a moment…  Close your eyes and picture the little girl who is the last to be picked for the team or the one that is too tall, too short, not the right shape, or lost because life is not fair for her, whether she comes from the foster home, the one whose parents divorced when she was young, or maybe she grew up seeming to be on the run, as her mom/dad continued to move regularly, causing her to move from school to school. 

Maybe as an adult, you have found yourself in a new situation, a transitional season of your life,  and you are feeling alone, not noticed or maybe just looking for a friend or someone to do something fun with, maybe some travel, a dine-out or simply have a conversation with… Through this blog, you may find NEW LIFE today… 

The growth of our “Walking With Women” family is far more than I ever expected. To think, we started with a coffee hour so I could meet friends at my local church. Today, we have over 200 women receiving our information through social media and our Neighborhood and MeetUp Apps, we have 10 – 15 people walking and hiking each week with us, we have 40 people walking with Jesus in our weekly Bible studies, and we have over 150 monthly newsletters being sent out. 

Our dine-outs are enjoyed by an average of 20 people each month; joinTheConversation, a conversation piece for women, is growing in interest with 5 reminders being sent out each week. Our Road Trips are averaging 5 – 10 ladies, and our upcoming Glamping to Hike weekend is looking very popular with 10 people planning to join us. YES, there is still room for you! 

Walking With Women is more than just the activity, it is friendships for life! We are experiencing friendships in a way that some have never felt in life. Others are enjoying activities and events they have never had the opportunity to experience or try before. The testimonies we hear after a day outing are ones of “I am so glad I did this”; “When is your next activity/event?”. We are exploring new areas and finding adventure in life as never before. 

Our weekly walks and hikes bring women closer together as we truly share our lives with one another, encouraging and lifting one another up. Women are following up with each other through the week and asking about those they have not seen recently. 


Walking With Women believes Jesus is our HOPE! We meet weekly for Bible study and each Wednesday afternoon we pray for our children, using the Moms In Prayer ministry. Yes, Jesus brings HOPE and NEW LIFE! You are not alone! We are here for each other! Today we invite you to join us on our Walking With Women journey. 


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We look forward to hearing from you, connecting with friends, and finding HOPE! 

Katy Nelson

Lead Activity Director and Facilitator

It’s not about preaching; it’s about sharing life together! 

Road Trippin’ March 2021
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