Welcome to our very first blog about road travel past and present.  May it stir some nostalgic memories and spur you and your loved ones to take to the road.  


Sunday Afternoon Trips 

As a kid, I loved afternoon drives with my Grandma and Grandpa. I hope special memories of driving the hills and roads of Oregon around the Portland area. We would go up Terwilliger Hill, the West Hills and on over to Multnomah Falls. An evening out to the airport to watch the planes land was fun for all of us kids! Special times were the Christmas Lights and a day out at Alpenrose Dairy, riding the ponies and on occasion, getting to the milk the cows. Delights of being a child in the city.   

Road Trips  

Special times were road trips, most often I would go to Pendleton to stay with my aunt and uncle. Even in those times we would take road trips along the old highway, the twists and turns on up to Emigrant Park for sledding in the winter or a picnic in the summer. Beautiful times.   

Time Out 

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed day trips or road trips. I enjoy the changing season, exploring the hills and valleys, hiking and walking today’s walking paths and now have taken up biking, on dirt trails, as well as paved paths.   

I consider the times in the car or on the bike as my “time out.” While on the road or on a path, my mind explores the beauty of the day. I am able to think about the past, wondering why and sometimes letting go of hurt and pain so I can move forward into today, enjoying the moment of the fresh air and soft water flowing in the creek. Other times, I find myself dreaming of the future, what will tomorrow be; looking at the beauty and thinking about how God has given us the forest, the desert and the streams, each with such beauty and peaceful times to enjoy, bringing rest to my soul.   

Today’s Day and Road Trips  

Through conversations in my adult years, I have discovered many people do not continue the Sunday drives many of us experienced as children. We have taken to working more hours, sports with our kids have us busy every weekend and the time of rest is just not the luxury it was in years past.  

Scott and I have made a part of our weekend together, to continue the past tradition of day outings; most often on a Sunday afternoon. We love to see the history of Boise, the rivers and streams, explore the wildlife refuges and other out of the way places in Idaho. We hope you will enjoy reading and learning about the area we live in and even places a bit further out as we take our beloved “Road Trip”. We also want to invite you to send us your places of interest or a tidbit of a “day out or road trip” you enjoyed. We’d love to share your story as well.   

Looking forward to this weekend as we “Road Trip” with you on our hearts!   


Katy Nelson 


On the Road Again with Katy 
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