We are in a season of change — Winter is showing its strength through the wind, rain, and snowstorms; at the same time our retailers are bringing out the designs of spring and the days are a bit longer in the evening. Yes, winter days are still here; snow activities, warm fires, and family times continuing around the table with games and puzzles. Yet, we are preparing for our summer days as we purchase the first items of summer sunny days, scheduling our vacations, and dreaming of longer days in the sun. 


HOPE through Transition! 


We experience seasons of change as we look at our hopes and dreams. The winter is often a time of rest, longer evenings give us time to relax with a good book by the fire, popcorn, and movies, and reflect on the days and year that just passed. Yes, 2020 was the year, month by month we thought we might see change, but it seemed to carry on. Yet, here we are already entering the 2nd month of 2021 — February! Where does the time go?


The question we’ll explore is:  “What the hopes and dreams you would like to carry forth following 2020?” 

What is the one thing you missed in 2020 that you aim to do in 2021? 

How will you make it happen? 

Where will it take you as you move into 2021? 

Why is this one thing important to you? 

When will you experience this one thing? 


In life we dream dreams, we have hopes, and we plan for a better tomorrow. Let me ask you… How many of you have already, approximately 31 days into the New Year, let go of your New Year’s resolution? Do you realize there are still more than 330 days to bring it to life? Hmm! Have you thought about linking arms with a family member or friend to make your resolution a reality? 


Often when we work together with a family member or friend, we find the strength to keep going when we feel like quitting. Also, linking arms with another gives us accountability, whereas when you go at something alone no one ever knows we’ve quit. 


THIS IS where Life Coaching Works! Life coaching is linking arms with another; a person who will encourage, challenge and ask the tough questions. When it seems impossible to keep going. A Life Coach asks the “What” the “How” the “Where” the “Why”; and the “When”.


A Life Coach stays with you throughout the struggle; yet allows you to make the decisions. 

A Life Coach supports your choices with encouragement to be the best you can be. 

A Life Coach watches as you experience the joy of your hope, a dream come to life! 

A Life Coach celebrates YOU!



It’s a new season in your life! It’s a new day in your lifetime! The choice is yours! 

Will you embrace the season, taking the first step to making a change in our life that brings HOPE to Transition? 


KatyNelsonCoaching.net is offering a Monthly YOU are NOT ALONE! Coaching Special … 

Let’s link arms by sharing 3 coaching sessions with a friend!  Invite a friend to a complimentary coaching information session. Choose to continue coaching to see the conversation we have discussed come to life, your next 3 sessions are $90 (per person) 


Let’s celebrate YOUR change of a season, HOPE through Transition! We are ready for YOU! 


Life Coach Katy Nelson



Where does the time go?
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