Natures way of holding our lives together is through seasons. We need the winter season to bring the spring to life. We enjoy the outdoors with our summer season; and look forward to fall season with the colors and a schedule/routine returning to our days.

Our physical lives, also can be described as going through seasons. The infant season is need focused, being fed, clothed and cuddled, with lots of sleep and diaper changes in between. The toddler season begins as we realize we are one of many, and we really don’t think we like that idea, so we have have a lot of “mine!” talk.

As we move though our preschool and elementary years, we begin to realize we have friends outside our family circle of influence. Choices in life become ours to make, some may have a sting, while others receive praise. Moving into junior high years, we begin to make choices that will affect us for lifetime, choices of friends, school assignments and goal setting as we move into high school. With high school, we begin the goal of moving forward in life. Some of us take longer to mature, so the road is rough. Some of us get a clue early, and the road is full of success. Whatever the road is, we move forward at the age of 18 into what is supposed to be adult life.

Adult life is filled with choices, career, college, marriage, family and all that comes with those choices.

Then comes the day we prepare for retirement! Yep, that is where my husband and I are today. We have lived our younger years, now we prepare for our senior years! Discovering what all that means is a daily process. Some days we feel like we know exactly where we are headed; others days, not so much.

Currently we are in the process of downsizing! For us this includes selling our house and moving into a home 1/2 the size! Yep! with that comes the decision to rid ourselves of physical mementoes that we have carried over from our younger years, kids memories, life’s vacations memories, and those “treasured items” that have been handed down. Memories, hopes and dreams, re-evaluated! Such is the time for this process.

Through coaching, yes, I coach with peer coaches and I also coach myself, the questions are

Is this useful in today’s life (world)?
Why am I hanging on to this?
Is it it time to let the kids make the decision if they want this cute outfit, memory marker in their life kept?
When was the last time I really wore that pair of pants, shirt or dress?
Is there someone else that can benefit from this cooking utensil/appliance?

Transition always brings tough questions, sometimes some pain with tears, some joy with rejoicing in the memory of the season, and once in a while a relief. One thing is for sure, we can always find HOPE through Transition! When we allow ourselves to experience the pain, the joy and, even walk through the reason we feel relief, we find ourselves moving forward with HOPE in the future.

Our HOPE is to be free of debt from the medical bills, credit cards and other things that we have carried over the seasons of our young lives. We look forward to the HOPE of having a smaller place, being able to spend more hours enjoying our grandkids and family, including my aging parents.

Planning for the season of retirement does not come without Dreams! Through this next season, my personal focus is life coaching with intention, purpose and focus. brings personal fulfillment through helping women (and couples) achieve their goals with confidence and purpose. Through conversational coaching, we uncover what is holding you back, has you stuck. At times we walk the journey of forgiving and reconciliation. The life coaching process leads to Living Forward with HOPE and Dreams for your future seasons in life. If you are feeling stuck in a season of your life, looking for HOPE in the next season, or seeking the courage to move forward in life, I’d love to connect with you. you can reach me at

HOPE through Transition — Season of Life
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