Have you ever noticed how the cow always wants to eat the grass on the other side of the fence? The grass in the neighboring farmer’s pasture is always greener. Or the student next to you gets the better view of the lesson on the board.  What happened to the words “abundant life”? Why does it seem everyone else gets it?

Webster’s Dictionary defines abundant as follows:

Abundant (abun·​dant | \ ə-ˈbən-dənt  \) adjective:

  1. existing or occurring in large amounts:  ample “abundant rainfall”, “abundant food”
  2. marked by great plenty (as of resources). “A fair and abundant land.”
  3. amply supplied:  abounding.  “An area abundant with bird life.”

Living a life of fullness! How do you describe a life of fullness? There is so much pain, sorrow, and hurt in our world right now.  If you or someone you know hasn’t been touched by COVID, been through a fire, flood, or other world acts you are an anomaly as we are living in a season of turmoil, chaos, and distrust. So why am I asking you to think of abundance during a time like this?  

As a Life Coach, learning from my own experience, abundance is more than material fullness. Abundance to me means goodness, greatness, and health. My experience has shown me that an abundant life is relationship driven.  Relationships with God, my spouse, my children, my family, and friends. In my work, I find fulfillment in a job well done. In my home, I find an abundance of laughter in a home of peace, free from outside noise. 

What have I learned from my life experience? An abundance of any feeling comes through sacrificing the desire to have the most. In my marriage, when I give out of my desire to give abundance of grace to my husband, through actions or words, life is full of joy in our home. The opposite is true on the evenings I am tired, really only looking for grace to come from his side of the equation. Yep, you’ve got it, those self-centered times!

So many times during my coaching I hear statements like: “I just want it to be over”, “I want life to be different”, “I need more for me”.  Can I let you in on a little secret? …Life is never going to be perfect. We are always going to be looking over the fence and seeing the greener pastures. So what do you do? How do you find abundance in your life? How do you come to a place of complete fulfillment in your mind? 


Lessons I’ve learned: 

Seek God first. His righteousness, His desires. 

Live with a purpose to make life better for another person. 

Give generously. 

Laugh often, yes, even at yourself! 😉


Tools to help along the way:

Sing praises to God every morning, continuing throughout the day.

Explore what is needed in your community to make life easier for someone else. 

Be a cheerful giver of your time, gifts, and money.

Read or listen to comedy without being afraid to laugh out loud. 


Does any of this resonate with you? Is there just one thing you’d like to move out of your comfort zone to explore? What is stopping you?

Is this feeling like deep water? Are you looking through clouds on a rainy day? May I encourage you to not walk the journey alone? I invite you to connect with me at katy@katynelsoncoaching.net

Katy Nelson

Certified Life Coach

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Abundant Life
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