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Transformation Workshops

Our Transformation Workshops are designed with a facilitation style of leadership. Coach Katy believes the answers to our questions about life and relationships are found through asking powerful questions that we discuss together. Everyone has something to bring to the table through our experiences of life. 


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HOPE through the Seasons of Life!

Each session looks at why we respond to situations/circumstances the way we do.   Feel empowered as you walk away with knowledge on how to take your next step from where you are today, to live forward with courage, boldness and HOPE!

"The ONLY thing life can guarantee us... is CHANGE"

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21

Meet Coach Katy

Coaching Specialties

Coach Katy enjoys exploring dreams and goals of women in each season of life by experiencing HOPE through Transition.

Katy understands the heart of young women discovering their way through the season of children, family life and career.  She can also relate to women who are entering the Empty Nesting and Pre-Retirement seasons of life.  She uses her life’s journey to encourage you to discover (or rediscover) your hopes, dreams and confidence as you Live Forward in this season of life. 

Coach Katy encourages parents whose children have identified as LGBTQ. As parents, we may have goals and dreams that our children may not share. Our children live their life in a way we did not expect. This can be stressful and difficult for both the parents and the child. Coach Katy has worked through the ups and downs with her son, and they have a healthy relationship today. Katy coaches parents to help restore a relationship with their child that may be hurting or lost. 

Client Testimonials

“For about 3 years, I have become frustrated at my job. It wasn’t fulfilling and it seemed to bear no purpose. I would become depressed and often very angry at myself for not taking action. One day I prayed to God and I heard “career coach”. I did my research and interviewed with a few coaches. Katy was the obvious choice. I immediately felt the connection and was happy to begin. I did a total of 6 sessions. During these sessions I realized what my roadblocks were, what I really wanted to do and took action. Katy helped me discover myself. She was always so enthusiastic and so willing to help and always available when I needed her. If I got stuck she would provide direction. It was an amazing experience and I’m extremely grateful for her. After completing our sessions, I landed a different job that is more fulfilling and I decided to start college to work towards the career of my dreams. This would not have been possible unless I had taken this leap of faith with Katy. She’s wonderful! “

Tiffany M.

“I went to Katy to help and encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and to find myself again. She has been a great help and I appreciate her for that!”

Crissy D.

“Katy was recommended to me after I graduated my Love INC classes. I wasn’t sure what life coaching was or the purpose of it. Our first meeting cleared up all of my questions and I was very excited to meet with Katy. Every meeting after was very helpful and completely answered the questions that I had. I would always pick the topic that we covered for the meeting, which were questions that I had been wrestling with after finishing college and starting to search for my career. I also had questions about starting a business, “Is it normal to have multiple careers” and other related questions.  Katy was a wonderful guide and resource as I tackled these questions and found my answers. I highly recommend that you invest in life coaching and choose Katy as your life coach.” 

Audrey B.

“Katy helped me through some grief issues.  I am feeling a better sense of the lessons I’ve learned and the growth possible through my losses.  Katy prays and invites the Holy Spirit into each session and that is key to wisdom. She is very loving and can pinpoint a root cause.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is struggling.” 

Reah D. 

“I am so grateful to have worked with Katy. Her love of God + joy in helping others are what make her a great coach. The way she would ask me questions showed me she was really listening and genuinely invested in me. She helped spark a new way of thinking and has inspired me to move forward in ways I didn’t before think possible. “Thank you” can never be said enough, Katy!! :)” 

Kaitlyn B. 

“Katy has helped me gain better clarity on what are my priorities; she has guided me through questions and observations, to help me better organize my time to best meet those priorities.  I am most grateful to have the opportunity to have her as a life coach.”

Rosemarie S.

“I just read your article “Let me Introduce you to my son.” I love the part where you say you just pray for your son and not for him to come out of homosexuality. I think that is very important what you are doing and hopefully it will help parents understand and help teens coming out to realize you can be gay and still be a Christian. I know for me it has always been a struggle to feel comfortable going to church with people who tell me who I love is wrong. I do not know where you stand, but at the same time, do not feel judged by you. Thank you for that and thank you for helping others with this journey.”


“Katy Nelson truly has a gift for compassion, helping others, and reaching those of us with the exact thing we need to hear to be uplifted. She listens intently on things being said and NOT said, then offers scripture, moments of reflection, and observations that have helped me grow as a person. There have been many moments when Coach Katy pushed me beyond the scope of what I thought was possible and I am so glad she did. Her faith and belief in me undoubtedly has shaped who I am today as a business leader and owner. Very grateful and highly recommend Coach Katy to those who need to find hope through transition.”

Christina Woollen, CPLC

“Katy is a friend, a pastor and a coach. She’s helped me through many situations through the years and has always pointed me back to the Lord and to Scripture. She helps me see a different perspective and is a great accountability partner when I need it. Katy has weathered many transitions and knows how to walk this journey with you.”

Cindy K. Penner, LMT, CPLC