Walk and Chat

Wednesdays at 11:30 am MDT

Plug in your ear buds and join us as we walk our neighborhoods with a telephone merging call! 

Connect with katy@katynelsoncoaching.net before 11:15 am Wednesday morning to be connected into the call.


Join us as we support our favorite local restaurant

Bring your lawn chair and picnic lunch/dinner

Monday, June 15th

Lunch at 11:30 am MDT

Dinner at 5:30 pm MDT

To join us: connect with katy@katynelsoncoaching.net

Women’s Community Bible Studies  

 Thursdays at 11:30 am

Connect with 



We pray each week on Wednesday afternoons. Connect with Katy@katynelsoncoaching.net for our current week’s time and location. 


Connect with katy@katynelsoncoaching.net for complete details and to order group tickets.

We are scheduling our summer activities …

Starlight Mountain Theater, in Garden Valley, Friday, August 30th 

Women’s Camp Out, High Valley

Boise Hawks Game, Thursday, July 2nd 

Western Idaho State Fair 

Walk About Boise, 2nd Saturday every other month 11:30 am – 3:00 pm 

Let’s Explore Idaho, 2nd Saturday every other month, time set around activity