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Katy has helped me gain better clarity on what are my priorities; she has guided me through questions and observations, to help me better organize my time to best meet those priorities.  I am most grateful to have the opportunity to have her as a life coach.  

Rosemarie S.

I went to Katy to help and encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and to find myself again. She has been a great help and I appreciate her for that!  

Crissy D.

I am so grateful to have worked with Katy. Her love of God + joy in helping others are what make her a great coach. The way she would ask me questions showed me she was really listening and genuinely invested in me. She helped spark a new way of thinking and has inspired me to move forward in ways I didn’t before think possible. “Thank you” can never be said enough, Katy!! 🙂 

Kaitlyn B.

Katy helped me through my divorce after being married for 25 years. She was there to listen and pray. She never judged my family. She was my friend and a huge support for my 2 girls who were young teenagers and their lives were being turned upside down. She was someone they could trust with their feelings and know that she would pray with and over them. Most of all I have learned from her to keep my eyes on the Lord and realize He is in control.

Belinda K
Albany, OR

When Katy came to our church we did 3 functions as a women’s group! Spring retreat, Holiday Bazaar and a coffee or tea cup exchange at Christmas. Now we do weekly Bible studies for both the morning and evening so everyone can attend; we have now started a Sunday morning study for those who are unable to attend during the week. We have monthly dine-outs in both Boise and Nampa so everyone can attend one. This year we are even doing more mini-retreats which are always fun and helps to unite the ladies! She is totally awesome!

Sandra L

This is my second time taking children’s ministry– the first time was wonderful! But the second time with Katy I have gone deeper into the study reading more in depth and talking with different people. God is showing me how to use materials and dig deeper and how I can train and help others, especially in my communication with parents and pastors. Continuing Lay Training for children’s ministry has been a blessing and something that every teacher, helper or parent should take. Thank you for this wonderful blessing!

Tammy Ford
Children’s Ministry Director, Cleveland First Church of the Nazarene