Katy is available to consult with your team or organization over the phone, through video or in person. Each package includes a written assessment of the consultation. The consultation is based on a minimum of three 1.5 hour sessions with your team or organization.


Phone or Video Call Packages

Introductory Moving Forward
This package includes 3 phones calls; the first is a get-acquainted with you, your team or organization. The 2nd call will begin our exploration of the consultation and the 3rd phone call is a follow-up. This package is for further consultation, team building or developing your organization. Sessions will be set up on a schedule that works with your organization.
Contact Katy for Pricing.
All sessions receive a recording of our conversations.


On-Site Packages

Bring Katy to your office, team meeting or organizational planning session for face-to-face connection and consulting.
Half and Full Day Sessions are Available. Contact Katy for Pricing.
When travel is more than 60 miles round trip, miles and lodging will be an additional cost at the standard IRS rate.