Life in Transition

I coach people who find they are in various transitions in life. You are not alone. The only thing guaranteed in this life is CHANGE. Allow me to equip you with prayer, life tools, and a trusted partner to support and encourage you THROUGH your life changes. Please read the following scenarios and see if you can relate to others in similar life changes. If so, please contact me and let’s discover how to tackle your transitions together.


“Our child has recently begun dating.  In the recent months he/she has removed himself/herself from our family conversations and activities.  We would like to open communication.  Where do we begin?”

“Our child and partner have chosen to marry. We are discussing, do we attend the wedding?”

“Our child is struggling with who he/she is?  How do we respond to the questions he/she is asking?”

“Our child is openly living the gay/lesbian lifestyle. We are Christians who do not agree with his/her lifestyle. How do we open conversation to continue showing our love to our child; without agreeing with their decision?”

 “As parents, one of us is open to our child’s decision to live in a same sex relationship and one is not. How can we cope and work together?”

“One of us is struggling to accept a child in this relationship.  How do we move forward in our relationship discussions in this situation?”


“I am newly married. “

 “With my marriage I am a step-mother of a young children.  The children go back and forth between their mom and dad, my husband.  I do not have children of my own.  How do I embrace these children as a part of my husband’s and my life; and at the same time, realize I am not their birth mother and never will be?”

“My spouse recently passed away. We were married with adult children.”  

 “I am in a new relationship.  My children are having a hard time accepting the fact that I am moving forward and living a new life.  What can I do to include them in my future without losing the identification they have with deceased parent?”



“I am moving to a new area for a new job.  I have lived in the same city, with my family all of my life.  How do I prepare for my move?  How do I prepare my family? “

“How do I learn to lean deep into who I am and where I who I would like to become?”

“I am in a new season of life, I am rediscovering who I am.  I am excited to move forward, however, I have never spent much time with myself.”

“How do I learn to lean deep into who I am and where I who I would like to become?”



“My child is making choices in our home that are not healthy for our younger children.” 

“My spouse and I are trying to allow our child to suffer the natural consequences.  It is coming to the point where we may need to push our child out of our home; however, we know our child does not have the resources we feel he/she needs to live on their own.”  

“We need help with finding peace in our current family situation.” 


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